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Occlusal Disease refers to the disruption of function of the structures of the masticatory system ( TMJ, muscles, and teeth surfaces). The signs of occlusal disease almost always precede the symptoms. Examples of occlusal disease include: attritional wear, erosion of enamel, splaying of teeth, sensitive teeth, tooth mobility, fractured/cracked teeth, and painful musculature. Without treatment, the structural damage can be severe. Studies have shown that occlusal disease is one of the most common: destructive dental disorders; contributing factors to tooth loss; reasons for needing extensive dental work; causes for discomfort associated with the oral cavity.

An occlusal analysis is a simple procedure in which the dentist takes impressions of your teeth and bite to produce an accurate replication of how your teeth and bite come together. A bite simulator is then used to analyze the malocclusion and other factors contributing to the problem.

One treatment for occlusal disease involves the fabrication of an appliance (Occlusal Guard or Night guard) to provide a balanced bite which reduces muscle tension, allows the jaw to seat completely and ultimately protecting teeth from excessive wear.

Many times the occlusal analysis reveals specific teeth hitting each other with excessive forces. This premature abnormal contact can cause the muscles associated with closing to contract and cause muscle tension, excessive tooth sensitivity, mobility, or wear. This can be corrected with a bite adjustment, which involves minimal selective removal of enamel to balance the bite and allow uninhibited movement. Sometimes additional restorative treatment may be necessary and/or concurrent occlusal appliance therapy.

Signs and symptoms of occlusal disease include:

  • Excessively worn teeth
  • Cracked, chipped, and broken teeth
  • Sensitive or loose teeth
  • Periodontal problems
  • Muscle tension or pain
  • TMJ pain, clicking or popping

There are numerous types of oral appliances that can be fabricated, and it is important to select the appropriate appliance for your particular condition. Call to set up a consultation to discuss which appliance is right for you.

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